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  • Black and White Cat

    Pet Portraits

    Black and White Cat

    This Black and White Cat is not the ‘Miss Kitty’ who used to live with us, but another of my pet portraits  Our ‘Miss Kitty’ was a Manx  She had had a number of homes before she came to us, and was a few years old, to spend the rest of her life with my husband, myself, our tortious shell calico, and a mature kitty loving Australian Shepard.  It was Geronimo, the Ausie, who gave her the biggest fright upon arrival, but the two of them soon became inseparable friends. Their one trait they had in common was that neither of them had a tail.

    So, our Black and White Cat became one of our babies, too.  But she was a one man cat, and the man was my husband.  Until the day she had to go to the vet.  That was the day she finally accepted me too.  It only took 3 or 4 years to achieve this.

    Our Black and White Cat, Miss Kitty was one of a kind.  I did read that the Manx had this ‘one man trait’ much like a dog, and I also read they love water, but I wasn’t prepared for a cat who enjoyed a bath.  It was your basic lesson of live and learn!

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