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  • Night Fire

    2001 September 11

    Night Fire

    “Night Fire” is a reverse painting on glass among my 2001 September 11 series.  At the time of working on these glass paintings, I thought “Night Fire” was important to portray this terrible day in the history of the United States.  Now it feels as though I painted a rape in progress.  Warfare has been going on as long as mankind has been around, but to what end?  What will ever be gained is so far beyond me it’s crazy, and yet I still feel justified in agreeing with the recent decisions of President Trump in the bombing of Afghanistan.  Chemical warfare in Syria was treated with cruise missiles, however there is speculation as to how many tons of it Syria still has in reserve!  There may have been another way to handle it, but I can’t think how.

    I do not believe any one in the world can get along with every other person, but can they not just agree to disagree?  Do people feel a need to regress into barbarians, or was there a time when goodness and mercy were more predominant before “Night Fire”.  That was more of a utopian thought than I am familiar with, normally.  Please don’t think I am unaware; my head is not in the clouds.  But is there not a possibility of making this a better world for our children and grand children to live in?  And yes, this world does have to be shaped into something better, it will not just ‘happen’, but first we must grow.

    It’s hard to focus on my reverse painting on glass with all of this taking place, but to see more of my glass painting and work like “Night Light”, please go to

    2001 September 11

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