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  • Remembering NYCFD

    2001 September 11

    Remembering NYCFD

    Painted in a window sash, as this scene may have been seen by someone, is a reverse painting on glass titled  ‘Remembering NYCFD’.  It is one of my series on 2001 September 11.  I suppose you could say that this series of paintings commemorates a catastrophe, but I think of it now as the moment in time when Americans pulled together their resourses,  We now have a lasting reminder of what can happen when we let our guard down.  Children born since the year 2000 will have no memory of it of course, so it is up to us to never forget the occurrences of that dreadful day in history.  The widows and widowers left behind will remember 2001 September 11 and Remembering NYCFD for the rest of their lives.  So will the first responders who gave their all to find survivors and clean up the mess.  I, personally was here in central New York State at the time,  It was my day off from work.  I lived alone, and there never seemed to be a time when there wasn’t a lot to get done.  Every station on television was playing roughly the same broadcast of first the world trade center being hit, and then the Pentagon, and the news of the plane that went down in rural Pennsylvania.  All I could think was that it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor over again.  So much to do here, but so very unimportant in retrospect.  May this awful lesson in history never be forgotten.  To see more of my work like Remembering NYCFD, go to

    2001 September 11

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