Night Light

  • Night Light

    “Night Light”, a reverse painting on glass was painted as it might have been seen through a window, hence the reason for the window sash.  Maybe the window was in a warehouse, an apartment, or nearby vacant building, but this is the 2001 September 11  scene that would have been displayed through the window on that dreadful evening.

    In night light of the much more recent chemical warfare in Syria, and bombing in Afghanistan, I find the events all to be on the same level.  What on earth is this world coming to?  The disrespect for fellow human beings seems to be at an all time high point, in fact it seems even worse than that.  Even self respect is becoming non-existent, sadder yet. And what about dignity?  Where has that gone?  There have only been rare sightings of that lately.  But maybe the lack of self respect and dignity is where the lack of regard for others begins.  Really, if you can’t even seek respect for yourself, what reason could there be to seek respect  in others?  If one could not be dignified, how would they be able to recognize that quality in others.  Still though, it can be seen daily in any news paper printed, how people are continually doing things that would cause a mother or father to be shamed.  But they are no longer shamed because they can make believe that they didn’t raise the child to do those things.  I really wish I didn’t have to witness it on a first hand basis.  The fact remains that they did raise the child to do what ever he or she wanted to do.  They didn’t raise them not to do those things is where the problem enters into night light.  I do know there was a double negative in there.

    I should probably worry less about chemical warfare, bombing and injustices in the world, and more about my reverse painting on glass.  To see more of my work, like “Night Light” please go to

    2001 September 11

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