Turkish Van

  • Turkish Van

    Proverbs 12:10

    This Turkish Van reverse painting on glass reads Proverbs 12:30 “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast…”

    A simply gorgeous species of cat, The Turkish Van originated near Lake Van in Turkey,  They, as a breed are usually white with a colored head and tail, some with a small spot of color on the back of the neck.  This spot on the neck was believed to be the ‘thumb print of God’.  Oddly enough, most Turkish Vans love water, and enjoy swimming.  With the chest and shoulders slightly wide than the head, they are built naturally for aquatic play.

    One thing they do share with other breeds of cats is that there is a limited tolerance for play, and they fare better in families with older children as opposed to young children.

    The Turkish Van is the oldest known domestic breed of cat, however, it never made it’s way to North America, and my pet portraits until the late 1980’s.  With so much emphasis on exotic animals for pets and the love of cats and other animals in the United States, it struck me as being odd, that it took until the 80’s for people to import them.

    The Turkish Van is now respected by cat fanciers  world-wide.

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