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  • Raindrop Reflection


    Raindrops in Art

    Raindrop Reflection

    Raindrop Reflection is a rather good example of surface tension, which was taught in my 5th grade class.  It is also an example of my reverse painting on glass, in this case plexi-glass to be accurate.  Even though the content is only rain water, this drop is not entirely fluid.  The molecules are cohesive enough to form a small bubble of water not yet ready to drop from the moss on the tree.  Because water can also be reflective, we have the image of what is behind us.

     reflected on a convex surface, turning the image up side down.  The most unusual part about the reverse painting on glass though, is that I painted an entirely different scene than the one in the photo I was working from.  When the painting ‘Raindrop Reflection’ was finished, it was of a pretty church with an angel floating beside it.  The photograph was just a street in a small town.  I won’t even try to make a story up about how that happened.  I was painting only what I saw.  It’s just that it seems to be more than enough.

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