Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls

  • Pixley Falls

    Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls


    Of my series in New York State Park Paintings, Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls was the last one finished.  When my husband and I visited Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter this last year, it was still frozen, but that was the last day of the freezing.  It was allright with me because I could still see the Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls.  Pixley is a small waterfall in the center of New York State.  It only has a drop of about 50′, but it’s such a pretty place to see.

    Now for the diamond dust.

    When our youngest daughter was in grade school, she had a friend who was also our neighbor.  They played together daily.  One day in the winter, she asked me if I could see the diamond dust in the snow.  With the sun shining brightly that afternoon, I looked out at it, and sure enough, there were sporadic flakes of snow sparkling with reflections of all colors.  I replied to her that yes, I could see the diamond dust, but I didn’t know there was a name for it.  Our daughter said that she and her friend had named it, and to this day, I’ve never thought of it as anything other than diamond dust.


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