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  • Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker is without a doubt an American horse, even though she may be one of a different color.  I actually finished this reverse painting on glass in time for the fourth of July, but with the unusually rainy seasonal paintings we had in central New York, there weren’t many good days to photograph her.  In fact, it’s raining again today.  Alas, she did not make it to the fireworks show.  Though I have done several

     horse paintings,

    there was no series of paintings in progress when I painted fire cracker, it was just a whim that struck me while I was having a metaphorical case of writers block.  Yes, people who paint can get that too.   Fire Cracker unblocked it for me.

    Even though is has been many years since I’ve had horses of my own, the beauty of these animals is impossible to miss, and don’t we all like to feast our eyes?  So if I paint one now and then, it’s just me remembering what magnificent creatures horses are, and yes, there are a few who could be classified under the ‘fire cracker’ category.  Please feel free to browse through my web site to see more of my work in reverse Painting on glass.

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  • Rain on Pine Bough

    Spring Rain

    Rain on Pine Bough

    Rain on Pine Bough is the last reverse painting on glass in the Spring Rain series.  The colors of the reflections seen on the surface tension of the raindrops are from natural fauna in the area.  With the wetness all around, the raindrop reflections are also everywhere.  Yesterday I was in the woods with friends, when I noticed that there are times when one can’t focus on everything at one time, and certain areas of the vision just become color until the focus of what is being viewed is altered.  I found this to be odd because the light pinks and purples I had seen became the prettiest flowers!  I don’t know what kind of flowers, but the were beautiful.  We had originally met there for a group picnic, but the response of attendance was exceptional, and there was more good food than could be eaten.  The good company took time to enjoy as well.  As a group, we toured the park at Pixley Falls.  Executed on plexi-glass, this painting measures 11″ x 14″ inside the frame.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, such as Rain on Pine Bough, please visit

     Spring Rain.

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