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  • Walk in the Park



    Walk in the Park

    Walk in the Park

    A reverse painting on plexi-glass, “Walk in the Park” is an image created in oils, as are all of my paintings.  My husband and I had taken our grandson to the park to play.  While we were there, I also wanted to show them the trail where I used to go horseback riding as a teen-ager.  There is a trail that goes through the park in our town that intersects the old riding trail.  Being not yet two years old when we went, Wyatt, our grandson is still in total wonderment of all things, even small toads and pine cones, so all three of us had a stellar time while we took a walk in the park.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass like “Walk in the Park”,  and the last years work, on plexi-glass, please shop through my web site, or go to

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