Country Boy Up Close

  • Country Boy Up Close

    Country Boy Up Close


    This reverse painting on plexi-glass was done on a 12″ x 15″  pane.  My 2 year old grand son, Wyatt inadvertently laid a smaller frame on top of a larger painting, titled Country Boy, and when I went over to take it off, I realized there was an additional painting within the original.  It encompassed only a part of the original.  My only option was to paint it.

    Wyatt is my country boy up close and personal.  I admit to having been smitten with him.  The only down side is that he seems to realize it.  When he leaves here and goes home, he confides all we have done together with Wyatt’s Papa to his very best Elmo stuffed animal, whom he calls Melmo, it is later reported by our daughter.  There are times when these conversations last up to an hour.

    Even though Wyatt loves to build snowmen, I am looking forward to taking him to the park again this summer, so he can play on the swings, slides, and other toys, not to mention playing some baseball.

    to see more of my little lovey, visit Country Boy or to see some of the rest of my work in reverse painting on plexi-glass, go to the Gallery.

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