Ocean Life

  • Splash

    “Splash” is a reverse painting on glass that recently resurfaced in the gallery.  The dolphins and some of the splashing water are on the front side of the glass, and the ocean and island are on the back side.


    To see some of the wonderful products made by Fine Art America with my reverse painting on glass printed on it, please go to https://fineartamerica.com/featured/splash-sally-tagliere.html?newartwork=true

    I love the shower curtains!

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  • Dolphin Breaking Water

    Ocean Life

    Dolphin Breaking Water

    is a reverse painting on glass that I  worked on from a photograph.  The only thing I can tell you about ocean life is that I find it to be beautiful to look at. Swimming in the ocean is  different than it is in  fresh water as it makes one feel more buoyant, but the muscle control of this animal is truly a sight to behold.  There are those who love the beach, and actually build their lives around it.  Then there are those who can enjoy just an occasional view.  I would be among the second group.  To be able to see a school of whales, dolphins or any other of the countless ocean life would be a vista to enjoy!  Just walking along a beach picking up shells that have been shed by the sea creatures can be fun!  What mysterious creature lived in there?

    There is so much beauty to see here on land, that some of my time must be spent taking that in, too.

     I do wonder, however if these wondrous animals wait below the surface of the water to see an occasional ‘ human sighting ‘  It can’t possibly be as good as our view of them!

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  • Breath of Fresh Air

    Ocean Life

    Breath of Fresh Air

    We all need a Breath of Fresh Air now and then.  Even though they may have surfaced from pure joy, maybe this dolphin coupe surfaced for nothing more than fresh air.  Being more geared toward land rather than sea, this is not usually a thing I speculate on often.  It was more the beauty and grace of these creatures that captured my attention.

    This reverse painting on glass is the first of mine ever worked on from both sides of the glass pane.  It was almost accidental that it was painted in such a manner, But the last thing to enter the view is the first thing that is painted.  Once the dolphins and a bit of the water splashing were in the painting and it had dried, it looked as close to perfect as I could have gotten it from the side I had painted on. So I finished the painting on what had been intended to be the front side ( the side you would have viewed it from ) of the glass.

    Since that painting was completed, there have been a very limited few, only three or four to pin it down, that have been finished in this manner.  In each glass painting there was a need for  adding depth.  An example of this was when I wanted the eyes of a dog to come to life, so the brown part and most of the dog’s undercoat were painted on the back, and his eye lashes and fur were painted on the front.  Another was when some trees in the foreground were required to really stand out, and be closer to the viewer of the painting.

    Originally I had meant to write about a breath of fresh air, ocean life, and reverse painting on glass.  Look where this went!

    Please do check out more of my work at reversepaintinglady.com

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