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    John Wayne

    The Duke

    Just for a little fun, I am throwing in some old western paintings.  With television what it has become over the years, I no longer choose to participate in watching most of it.  No one loves a good movie more than I do, but there just aren’t many of them.




    Lone Ranger and Tonto

    Reverse painting on glass, Old Western Paintings, Lone Rangerhttps://reversepaintinglady.com/new-home/gallery-2/367-2/lone-ranger-and-tonto/

    What I enjoy is a movie that tells an interesting story.  I have nothing against humor either.  Yes, Throw a little bit of funny into that story.


    Apparently the 2013 version of The Lone Ranger really flopped at the box office.  I really did not understand why.  Other than children between 15 and 18, the newer version could be enjoyed by anyone.  And I only count out the younger people because they seem to be more interested in other things such as their cell phones.  You can’t please every one, but comedy is comedy, and Johnny Depp nailed it!

    Old Western Paintings

    Bubble Partyhttps://reversepaintinglady.com/new-home/gallery-2/367-2/bubble-party/

    This was not an old western painting, but many of the characters in it were from old westerns.  Many people who have seen this reverse painting on glass have tried to identify the people in it.  So far, only one lady got them all, and that was because my husband was standing next to me, as he stands next to Marilyn Monroe in the painting.

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