Zebra Paintings

  • Zebra Paintings in Reverse on Glass

    Zebra Paintings

    Zebra Couple

    Zebra Paintings in Reverse on Glass may not have been something I would have thought of doing on my own.  It began years ago from a tiny bit of inspiration from my second grandson, Joshua.  After driving the almost four hours it requires, I arrived at  my son-in-law and daughters house in Niagara Falls.  This was a trip only made once or twice a year, because of work, life, and motivation for the drive.  My previous visit had been when Joshua was about 18 months old.  He needed drainage tubes put in his ears because of repeated episodes of infections. At that point in life, he spoke only a few basic words.


     Purple Zebra.

    When I parked the truck in the driveway though, after a friendly wave “hello” to their neighbor, Marty, imagine my surprise when Josh ran outdoors calling out “Gramma, Gramma, my favorite color is purple! and my favorite animals are zebras!  I don’t know why God didn’t make purple zebras,  Imagine my insight into this small person.  A wonderful beginning it was!  By the time I had finished painting the purple zebras, though, his thoughts had turned elsewhere.

    Zebra Paintings

    Zebra Herd

    Even though Josh was no longer interested in the Good Lord’s choice of coloration for wild beasts, he left his Gramma with a muse. A wonderful gift!

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