Reverse painting on glass

  • Reverse Painting on Glass

    Hi, my name is Sally Tagliere.

    I began painting in oils on canvass at a young age, but at the same time was rather taken by the reverse paintings on glass I had seen at antique shows.  Even though a few of them were close to 200 years old, the colors in them still popped.

    Paintings of Summer

    Summer Fun

    After several years of framing my paintings, I found the glass panes piling up, so using the experience I already had, I ran with it.

    The first things to enter the painting were the last things that happened in the scene.  If I painted the subject facing left, because the final view would be from the opposite side of the glass, you would see it as facing right.

    The underlying theme of my work is based on nature, mankind and Christianity; how they relate to one another and to each other.








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