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    The September 11 attack. As one of many millions of ordinary, everyday Americans, the effect that September 11, 2001 had for me was profound. I’m sure that any American alive can relate to that.





    My only son was a volunteer fireman in one of the many Maryland suburbs of D.C. There was no way to get a phone call through for several days.



    My oldest daughter lives in Niagara Falls; I live in Rome, N.Y. I think we called each other at least a dozen times that day. We both KNEW he would be at the Pentagon.

    Of course, all three of my daughters were as distraught as I was until I finally recieved a call from him three days later. He related most of the 911 attack event that he had taken part in; he was sick over it.  He admitted later that he had been able to eat nothing other than chicken noodle soup for over a week. The whole thing left me weak.



    When he came up for a visit the following spring, he brought some books that he had gotten about 2001 September 11. They were extremely graphic about the events of the 911 attack. They were not easy to look at, but he was determined that I was going to paint them , depicting the one photo that haunted him, of a fire truck being lifted out of the rubble at Ground Zero.


    Night Light

    Night Light









    It may have been his own September 11 tribute. I started the reverse painting on glass for him before he returned to Md., but it took weeks to complete, which isn’t uncommon for a reverse painting on glass, but it was the first time I had ever cried every single time I worked on it. I wondered how many men and women were in the truck, where their families were. Who was anywhere near the truck….




    To date, I have painted a total of nine reverse glass paintings dealing with the disaster. Every one of them makes me feel the same way as the first, to a degree. Three of the paintings have new homes. The first one I painted was for my son. The second was for the Morningside Vol. Fire Department, in Suitland, Maryland. The third sold at an art and craft show in Oneida in September of 2013.  At this time, I’m working on another. In this painting, I united a scene from Washington D.C. with another scene from New York City. I don’t know yet whether this will be the end of my 911 series, but rather doubt it. You may hear more from me later on the subject.



    This last reverse glass painting you are viewing was finished in February of 2007. The outside measurements of the window sash measure 24″ x 32″. I’m calling it ‘East Meets West’.

    Remembering NYCFD

    Remembering NYCFD

    Cary The Flag

    Cary The Flag

    Now that the year is 2016, I have painted another in this 2001 September 11 series. The title is “Carry the Flag”

    Burning Towers

    Burning Towers

    This is a 911 painting  of the Empire State Building with the twin Towers in the background, just as they were hit.

    I now feel as though I have painted rape In progress.

    It was truly an ugly part of history.

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    My 2001 September 11 art can be found in reverse painting on glass. and if  anyone is interested in purchasing any of these paintings, I can  be contacted through the comment area at the bottom of the page in the


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