Searching Through the Ashes

  • 2001 September 11

    Searching Through the Ashes

    This three pane window sash painting measures 30″ x 23″, and is priced at $350 .

    My Post September 11 work in reverse painting on glass can be found in reverse painting on glass. and if  anyone is interested in purchasing any of these paintings, I can be contacted through the comment area at the bottom of the page, or,

    Should you want clarification of certain sections of a painting, especially these larger ones, I will be happy to supply additional photo’s of any paintings upon requests left in the comments sections at the bottoms of the pages at




    2001, September 11

    Shipping and handling are free of charge.  I don’t like unwelcome surprises, and I am sure that you don’t either.  But there is still that little thing referred to as state tax, and I can not even help myself there, let alone any one else.

    .  In addition to using Paypal, other private arrangements for payment can be made for paintings on this site.  To contact me directly, all that needs to be done is to leave a reply in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  I try to check my site daily for any replies.

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