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    Sunset Elk

    Adirondack Art Moose

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    A name for this painting totally escapes me.  I had just begun my reverse painting on glass at the time, but work a full time job on the second shift, so the only time I have for painting is late at night after work.  One evening on my short trip home, I found myself driving my F150 pickup truck in the dead center of a herd of deer.  They were on each side of and in front of my vehicle at about 30 mph.  A scene that gratefully has yet to repeat itself.  That was the night that got me started on the up close and in your face deer.

    Adirondack Railroad Tressle 001

    “Winter Portal” is a painting that was inspired by my late mother, who did not like winter in any way, shape or form.  She reconciled herself with it by often quoting a Percy Shelly poem, “Ode to the West Wind”, that went “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”  I tried to make it more beautiful for her by painting a scene of children playing out doors on a summer day in the tunnel.

    I have lived my life in the foothills of the Adirondacks.  As a child, my grandparents used to take my sisters, brothers and me camping at their camp on Seventh Lake, one of the Fulton Chain Lakes.  With 5 sisters, and 2 brothers, it seemed like eternity to wait my turn to go, as there wasn’t room for us all to go at once.

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    Sunset at Oneida Lake

    is a reverse painting on glass that measures 25″ x 20.5″  It is painted in a rustic 2-pane sash.

    I don’t think I ever realized the total beauty of the Adirondacks, and Adirondack art until I moved to Texas for 2 years.  Not to say there aren’t lovely places in the deep south, but my heart remains in central and northern New York.

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    “Mountain Lion”

    is a reverse painting on glass that measures 23.5″ x 34″  Found occasionally in the Northern Adirondacks the mountain is a fearsome animal for me.

    My own Adirondack Art is done in reverse painting on glass.  The painting is on the opposite side of the glass from the side from which it is viewed.  When it is done in this manner, the painter puts the details of the painting in first.  After the paint is dry, paint can be layered over until the painting is complete.


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    Howling Wolf

    is painted in a grey painted, rustic 6-pane window sash.

    In addition to free shipping and handling, I will also offer a 20% discount or rebate as the case may be, for any purchases of 2 or more paintings.  In the case of purchases made through PayPal, the discount will be made through PayPal.  Should you wish to pay by check or money order, the discount will be figured into the total price of paintings you choose.  In order to do this, all you need to do is contact me directly by leaving a message in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  I check these daily, and will respond as soon as possible..  All paintings that are shipped through UPS, FedEx, or USPS will be insured for the listed value, or more of the painting.  I look forward to doing business with you!



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