Adirondack Railroad Trestle

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    My husband and I drove by this adirondack train trestle every time we went out skiing, and I always thought it was such an eye-catching sight in the beautiful part of winter in central New York. After two years of trying to get my husband to slow down the car, and maybe even pull off the road, (Yes, I did at that point get a little loud) I finally got a picture of it, so that I might be able to find what the attraction in it was for me.  Never did figure that out, but I still have to get a look at it when we drive north on route 12 through Remsen.    This reverse painting on glass measures 19″ x 22″, and is in a painted black frame with gold inset trim.  The price of it is $275.  Shipping and handling as well as insurance is free.

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    2001, September 11

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