African Art

  • African Art, is a video compilation of some of my work in reverse painting on glass.


    Zebra Couple 002

    Zebra Couple 

    measures 11″ x 14″, painted on a matte surface pane of glass.

    African Art, as you can see, is one of my most favorite subjects to paint.  Even though I have never visited the country of Africa,  pictures I have seen of the animals and the landscape fascinate me.


    Big Cat Paintings

    Leopard in Sash

    African Art

    Elephant Baby


    Baby Elephant

    is an 11 3/4″ x 10 3/4″ painting.  This is another of my early pieces of art  work.

    thirdinventory 014

    Elephant Babysitter

    thirdinventory 010

    thirdinventory 009

    thirdinventory 004

    Movie is Over

    secondinventory 024


    I do have a very good friend who went to Africa on two separate occasions.  She fell in love, and would go back in a heartbeat.  Given the opportunity, I would be right beside her!

    firstinventory 007

    firstinventory 020

    Zebra Herd

    is painted in a 3-pane window sash.  The measurements are 34″ x 23.5″.

    As you can see, when I went to paint African Art, my mind traveled all over the board.  I went from zebra to elephants, to the big cats and then to the birds.  At least I haven’t gone to the dogs yet.  That is on another page.  The more challenging the subject of a painting seems to be, with a thousand spots or stripe, The more I seem to enjoy painting it!  My respect for these wild and magnificent creatures is large, and I just love to paint them.



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