Avian Art

  • Avian Art

    Out on a Limb

    At 11.5″ x 9.5″ this painting is full of color

    Avian Art is a beautiful subject to use for reverse painting on glass.  Birds are not only fabulously colorful,  but they come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, the possibilities for art work are endless.  The right combination of color and beauty can’t be any better!

    Avian Art

    Chickadee on Burdock Bloom

    Avian Art

    Wren on Cactus

    Seasonal Paintings


    Religious Art

    Avian Art


    Avian Art

    Egret Couple


    Each species has characteristics that set it apart, and make it a unique  individual for a reverse painting on glass.

    Avian Art

    Family Reunion

    Avian Art

    Silhouette Ostrich

    Owl Paintings

    Great Grey Owl on Fence                                     Owl Paintings

    I live in central New York, where we are blessed with an abundance of avian species.  Some live here year round, and others migrate into and out of the area.  Quite a few years ago the Department of Conservation reintroduced the Bald Eagle into this area.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta


    is in a 29″ x 27 1/2″ pine window sash.  The Bald Eagle was reintroduced to the Central New York area some years ago.  They are doing marvelously.

    Avian Art

    Nesting Eagle


    For years I worked in a nursing home.  Among the residents there was a gentleman who earned my respect several times.  He was a WW2 vet.  Every Veterans day I made sure to thank him.  I finally thanked him with this painting, because he was a member of the Screaming Eagles platoon.  He since passed on, and the painting returned to me.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Delta


    Eagle Over U.S. Flag

    measures 32 1/4″ x 26″.

    Last winter there was a very unusual migration that brought a lot of  Snowy Owls into this area.  A casual bird watcher like myself can find many things to look at.

    With modern photography, and what it has become, we now have the ability to gaze at the subject of the photo for unlimited time.  This is a huge boon for someone wanting to portray these creatures in their own form of art.

    In addition to free shipping and handling, I will also offer a 20% discount or rebate as the case may be, for any purchases of 2 or more paintings.  In the case of purchases made through PayPal, the discount will be made through PayPal.  Should you wish to pay by check or money order, the discount will be figured into the total price of paintings you choose.  In order to do this, all you need to do is contact me directly by leaving a message in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  I check these daily, and will respond as soon as possible..  All paintings that are shipped through UPS, FedEx, or USPS will be insured for the listed value, or more of the painting.  I look forward to doing business with you!

    My Avian Art can be found in reverse painting on glass. and if  anyone is interested in purchasing any of these paintings, I can be contacted through the comment area at the bottom of the page.



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