Owl in the Vineyard-Great Horned Owl

  • Owl in the Vinyard

    Owl in the Vineyard,

    Great Horned Owl is a reverse painting on glass that I painted in the actual window sash that frames it.  The outer dimensions of the sash are 14″ wide x 62″ tall.  The price is $275 with shipping included.

    The first thing to do is refinish or somehow make the window sash acceptable to display in someone’ house.  This is first because in this case Paint remover was used to get the layers of old paint off the “frame” of the painting.  Second, the glass needed to be cleaned.  This included getting the old glazing putty off the edges of the panes.

    Then the sash was ready to turn over, unfinished side toward me, to paint in.  It’s really a process!   Return to

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