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    Tiger Drinking

    When I find a window sash that will allow me to sand it down, partway through the old milk paint, and get to some of the clean area of the paint without sanding it off completely, three coats of varnish go on.  After each coat dries, it gets ‘rubbed down’ ( another sanding with 220 grit, a very fine wood working sand paper ).  This all happens on top of the old milk paint to produce the rustic finish, which is warm water washable.

    was the first big cat painting I did.  Even though a few of the areas in this reverse painting on glass are muted, when it was finished and I got a look at it, I had to step back away from it.  It took a few seconds for me to exhale.  He was so very close!  In the dark of night in the painting, I felt as though there was nowhere to go.

    In a rustic finished 6 pane window sash, this painting measures 24.25″ x 25″.  The price is $250, and there is no charge for shipping.

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