Pixley Falls Paintings

  • Pixley Falls Paintings aren’t as big as some other waterfalls at NY State Parks, but what they lack in height at 50′, is overcome by leaps and bounds with the beauty of this majestic area of Booneville, New York.

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    There are many, I am sure who wouldn’t understand, but there is nothing more inviting to me than a trail through the woods, or a stream that beckons me to come hither.  It seems soothing to the eyes to look upon any sight one might encounter at the Pixley Falls NY State Park.

    New York State Park Paintings

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    Or how about on those hot sweltery afternoons.  Flip flops on, and feet in a few inches of the clean, cold water?  Even just the view in the winter, when the  the woodsy aroma is no longer present, When you might be skiing on 2 feet of snow, just being able to see this work of art, created by Mother Nature’s hand, frozen solid on each side is an invigorating experience!

    There are those who do understand the allure.  Those who plan weekends and vacations with their family on the bountiful availability of wonderful visits to these protected areas.  For this, I am in total accord with people who can just look upon and adore time spent at Pixley Falls!


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