Watkins Glen State Park

  • Watkins Glen Paintings

    Rim Trail at Watkins Glen Gorge

    Three years ago, there was a graduation party for my oldest grandson, Jacob, more affectionately known as Jake.  It was to be held at the campground at Letchworth State Park, here in New York.  From where much of my family lives, this is roughly a three plus hour drive,  Considering I am one of eight children, with countless nieces and nephews, there was some traffic on the thruway because of us at the time.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Cavern Cascade

    Though Rich and I stayed in a cabin, my sisters and brother had a section of a local motel.  As most of us hadn’t been there before, we all took pictures of the scenery that was nothing less than magnificent.   However, because of the photographers, or the cameras, some were better than others.

    While visiting my sister, Alice I found that the pictures she had were by far better than my own.  In fact, if looked at in the right manner, they were beautiful to look at as a wonderful non commercial creation and refuge of splendor.  She let me take copies of them to work with in my reverse painting on glass.  For the sake of accuracy, my work is now all on Plexi-glass because I lost a few too many due to natural causes such as wind for the most.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Rim Trail at Watkins Glen

    After completing two of the paintings, with over thirty hours devoted to each reverse painting on glass and having four more in progress, much to my surprise  I learned that none of them were from Letchworth.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Bridge Over Cavern Cascade

      All six were scenes from Watkins Glen state Park.  So many State parks to visit, and so little time.

    Watkins Glen Paintings


    In any event not only will I need to return to Letchworth State Park, but will also have to plan a visit to Watkins Glen!

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Waterfall Cascade


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