Joshua and Aunt Bobbi

  • Joshua and Aunt Bobbi

    Joshua and Aunt Bobbi

    The odd thing about this 26.5″ x 21″ reverse painting on glass is that when one gentleman saw it, he tried to turn it over so that he could see the faces of the people in paintings.  I tried to explain the concept of reverse painting, but failed miserably.  But I still like the painting of my daughter and grandson.  The price is $275, and includes shipping and handling.

     In addition to using Paypal, other private arrangements for payment can be made for paintings on this site.  I can be connected with through the contact box at the bottom of the pages.

    When I begin a piece, the last thing that entered the painting is painted first needs to be painted first.  Therefore, a lot of the tiny details are painted first.  By this I am talking about the reflections in the water, or the shadow the subject leaves from the light source, or even the light reflection on the surface of an eye.  The thing about doing a reverse painting on glass, is that if I paint it with the subject of the painting facing left, when the painting is finished, and viewed from the opposite side of the glass, the subject will be facing right.

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