Autumn Paintings


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    Butterfly and Dragonfly Paintings

    Two Dragonfly Paintings

    Autumn Paintings

    Yellow Finch

    Autumn Paintings

    The Secret of Life

    Traditionally autumn has been my first choice of the seasons in Central New York. The temperature is milder, the apples are ripe, the leaves smell wonderful, and I can bake without worrying about how hot the house will get.   Rich and I waited until Fall to get married for this reason.  Our honeymoon was so much fun, that we have one each year to celebrate, and we just don’t bother with anniversaries.


    Pheasant in Autumn


    Autumn Paintings

    Autumn Painting

    It isn’t that we do anything huge, an occasional day trip or two, and out for dinner; that sort of thing.  Or going to a party for nothing other than making apple cider, where everyone brings their children.  Just nice.  As of three days ago, we celebrated our ninth  This year for fun we went mountain climbing (the first time for me) near Eagle Bay, New York.  I would have enjoyed going again, but so many mountains, so little time.  The weather here has turned cold and windy, so I will just bake and work on my paintings to amuse myself for the time being.

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