Spring Rain

  • Spring Rain

    Rain Drop on Twig

    Spring Rain has always been a welcoming thing to me.  Welcome to my series of Spring Rain reverse painting on glass.  I don’t like the mud or the cold, and I am not too fond of the season, but I do love to hear the rain on the steel roof.  It’s so comforting to know all of the plants and the world are getting the water they need.  One thing that never fails to surprise me is the flowers that don’t want to wait for the rain.  My bleeding hearts were in bloom in April this year.

    Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    It was not the spider in this reverse painting on glass, but the web that I found to be beautiful and intricate enough to paint.  Spider webs are really kind of amazing.

    Rainy Drive

    Rainy Drive

    It always seemed to be raining when I went to visit my grand mother as a child.  I didn’t mind even then.  Rainy days were made for playing board games and reading.  When it wasn’t raining, my sisters and brother would walk with me to the store to buy comic books to read during the rain.  Any stay at Grandma’s was a good stay.

    Raindrops in Art

    Raindrop Reflection

    The convex shape of the spring rain drop ready to fall from the mossy tree bough in this reverse painting on glass turns the reflection in it upside down.

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