Winter Scene Paintings

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    Winter Scene Painting,Christmas Cabin

    Finally, some time for my preferred season of the year.  I never minded winter because it gave me time to catch up on things other than lawn mowing, weed whacking, and flower bedding.  Time to catch up on reading, painting and cross country skiing.  The holidays are fun, and on occasion my house gets cleaned if it’s too cold to ski.

    Winter Scene Painting

    Bringing It Home

    Even though it has put my camera in danger, I get some very nice pictures during the winter season.

     while cross country skiing.  Maybe it isn’t the camera that is in danger; it is my neck the strap is around, after all.

    Winter Scene Painting

    Winter Scene Painting

    Winter Scene Painting

    Cabin in the Pines

    Winter Scene Painting

    Moonlit Snowman

    Winter Scene Painting

    Fire in the Hearth

    Don’t we all need to step out of our comfort zone now and then, anyway?  Just being able to get out of the house and have a reason for it is reason enough for some of us to ski!  Now and then my sister and  her husband go with us, and my sister and I will race each other to see who can get to the beer at the bar when we leave the trails behind!  At our ages. it strikes me as funny!

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    In any event, I hope you enjoy my reverse painting on glass and winter scene paintings.

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